How can I speed up my computer?

The bane of many people’s existence is waiting for their computer to finish the simple task they asked it to do. Many people hate this. So how can you avoid it? The most obvious way is to give it more processing power by giving it a more powerful central processing unit. This allows the computer to execute more processes per unit of time and therefore finish tasks faster. Another great way to improve your computers performance is through upgrading the memory. The more random-access memory a computer has, the more it can buffer and so it can multitask more effectively. Leaving your music on in the background does not slow down your device. Finally, you can upgrade the storage. The storage on your computer is where all your stuff and the operating system go, so having faster storage means that the operating system will boot up and run faster than if it were on a hard disk drive. However, all these upgrades will cost money, so decide how slow you can tolerate.