Getting Ideas for Your New Business Website

If you aren’t sure what you want your new website to look like, or do, it is important to gather some ideas through doing a little research of your own.  You could just go to a designer and get them to come up with a web design, however it may not be to your taste, or it may not do what you want it to do!

It is important to have a really clear idea about who is going to be using your site – are you aiming to increase sales, get more people to see your site, increase brand awareness or something else?  If you don’t have this clear in your mind, it will be much harder to come up with a really good, effective design.

Once you have a good plan of who you want to attract to your site, it is time to get ideas flowing.  Have a look at your competitors sites, and see what they are doign well, what you like or don’t like about thier sites, and anything you would change.  This research will be helpful when you approach your designer, as they will be able to take some of your ideas forward.