Ensure Your Content is Top Quality for Best Results..

SEO is a tricky business, with lots of different things impacting your ranking each month.  One aspect which is quite easy to sort out is your content.

There are all sorts of types of content you can post on your site.  From blog updates to product listings and other general text, it is a vital way to indicate to Google that your site is active and valuable.  There are some things you should avoid when creating your content however!

Duplication: duplicate content is any writing which is identical on more than one URL or page address.  This could happen for a number of reasons, ranging from authors deliberately copying from another website, to a product sharing the same information across all the websites it is listed on.  The reason duplicate content is bad is because Google search bots cannot read it so easily, thus your ranking may be impacted.  Let’s say you share the same content with a rival company because you both sell the same product – Google will not show both sets of identical content in the results, instead, it will choose one.  You better hope it chooses yours!

Google often interprets duplicate content as an indication of spam.  This is negative for your ranking, because spam is rated as non interesting and certainly not related to the keyword!  Even if your content is amazing, if it is seen as spam, it is no use to anyone.